Egypt denies meeting Houthis in Cairo
Yemeni Houthis - Reuters

CAIRO: Egypt denied Wednesday it had held meetings with a delegation of Yemeni Houthis in Cairo, affirming its support of the Yemeni “legitimate institutions” to preserve the Gulf state’s unity, stated Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Badr Abdel Atty.

A Houthi delegation arrived to Cairo three days ago with the plans to meet Egyptian officials and Arab League representatives to gain more international support. The delegation had previously visited Tehran and Moscow before their visit to Cairo, Yemen 24 reported.

Yemen has witnessed a political and security crisis since the Houthis’ takeover of the presidential palace in mid-January, after which they placed former President Mansour Abed Rabbo Hadi under house arrest in Sanaa.  Hadi resigned following the clashes.

However, after Hadi was released from Sanaa and traveled to Aden where he held a meeting with Yemeni governors, he announced that he is still the “legitimate president,” AP reported.

Delegation membe, Moahmed Saleh al-Noeimy, who represents the Popular Forces Unity Party, requested that Egypt send Yemen a special envoy to find a solution between the conflicting parties there, Youm7 reported Tuesday. He added that the delegation would pay several visits to other countries in the coming few days.

On Feb. 22, Egypt closed its embassy in Sanaa in light of the precarious security situation.

The Houthis condemned Tuesday the Arab League Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi for his call to Hadi to attend the Arab Summit scheduled to be held on March 29, the group said in a statement published the Yemeni official news Agency Sabaa which is now under their control.

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