New Alexandria gates better for video game than culture capital: residents
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CAIRO: Newly-designed city gates to the Alexandria governorate evoke a video game or an iron cylinder, more than the millennia-old culture of a historic Mediterranean city, say angry residents.

Photos of the new gate, which is yet to be inaugurated, recently circulated on social media, where many users have expressed dissatisfaction with its new design.

courtesy of Bey2ollak Facebook page

Courtesy of Bey2ollak Facebook page



On Twitter, many users mocked the new iron cylindrical gates, while others claimed it is a distortion to the appearance of a city known for its culture, history and beauty.

“The new Alexandria gate is a farce; I feel whoever will pass through it will hear the Super Mario music when he jumps into the pipe,” said Nourhan Ramadan on her Twitter account @Norhan_Ramadan.

@Badr3Lam said the new gates resemble sewage pipes, while @fajer2u said it has reminded her of a stove pipe.

Alexandria resident Mohamed Sami told Youm7 Thursday the new design “is more suitable for the entrance of the Red Sea provinces as they are known for having Petroleum, but [Alexandria] is a tourist governorate in the first place and not an industrial city, and it has received the title of the cultural capital for the Arab countries.”

The previous gate, resembling white Grecian columns, had the city name written in Arabic and Greek scripts. It was constructed less than 20 years ago, however had already begun to deteriorate, experts told Youm7.

Archeological expert Mohamed Mostafa told Youm7 that the dispute is out of different views of the gates, but “a change was needed.”

Inspection Director at Antiquities Authority in Alexandria Mohsen el-Sayeh said that the old shape was “not inappropriate” for an official entrance gate.

Alexandria is Egypt’s second largest city and an important tourist resort.

Additional reporting by Jacqueline Mounir and Nourhan Magdi

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