Journalists Syndicate elections postponed to March 20
Journalists Syndicate elections postponed to March 20 - YOUM7

CAIRO: Journalist’s Syndicate mid-term election, scheduled to be held Friday, has been postponed to 20 March after the general assembly failed to reach a quorum of 50 percent plus one of all eligible voters, Youm7 reported.

By 2 pm, only 959, out of 8,100 eligible voters were present during the Friday’s general assembly meeting, according to Youm7.

Voter registration began at 10 am. A quorum of 4,050 journalists out of 6,025 eligible voters was needed to hold the elections.

According to the syndicate’s bylaw, the mid-term elections, scheduled for 20 March, will be held again within two weeks but with a revised quorum of 25 percent plus one.

53 candidates are running for the syndicate’s membership along with six running for the chief post including the current chief Diaa Rashwan.

A judicial panel of the State Council has been approved to oversee the electoral process.

The syndicate’s current board of members was elected in March 2013 for a four year-term. Upon his nomination as chairman of the syndicate in 2013, Rashwan, also the head of the Al Ahram Center for Political and Strategic studies, pledged to “restore the union from the hands of the ruling regime.”

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