2 killed, 16 injured in Mahalla explosion
Aftermath of Mahalla bomb- Youm7

CAIRO: Two police personnel, a police officer and conscript, were killed and 16 others were injured in an explosion in the delta governorate of Mahalla Saturday morning.

Police officer Mostafa Ahmed Abdo, 45, was killed when a bomb planted near a bank detonated, while police conscript Ibrahim Sayyed Abdullah , 25, died of severe hemorrhaging from his femoral artery in the Mahalla hospital.

Fifteen injured persons were also hospitalized in Mahala hospital, while the others injured were sent to the Tanta University Hospital, the Ministry of Health stated Saturday.

Many of the injured have suffered severe injuries to their legs, with many requiring at least partial amputations, the ministry added.

The aftermath of the explosion in Mahalla:

A bomb was planted near a bank in Shoukry al-Qwatly Street in the city, which is famous of the industry of textile and spinning; the national security forces and police arrested four suspects, combed the area, and checked the cameras of the bank.

One of the injured policemen said that they found the bomb and called the police directorate 20 minutes before the explosion, they were unable to give more details due to poor cell phone service in the area.

One of the injured guarding policemen says they called the police directorate to report the bomb 20 minutes before the explosion:

Another injured policeman said he was trying to report the bomb to defuse it; but it detonated, saying “when I can walk on my feet I will avenge my colleagues.”

The explosion came two days after the appointment of new Minister of Interior Magdy Abdel Ghaffar to replace Mohamed Ibrahim, who had held his position from administration of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi.

Since the ouster of Morsi in July 2013, a series of explosions have taken place nationwide. Several explosions took place in different parties in Egypt on the day of the recent Cabinet reshuffle, but no injuries were reported.

Among his first acts as Interior Minister, Abdel Ghaffar reshuffled 24 security figures including the heads of the Giza and Cairo directorates, as well as National Security Sector aides.

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