Norwegian woman barred from traveling on charges of beating Egyptian husband
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CAIRO: A Norwegian woman went on a hunger strike Sunday in protest to a travel ban by Egyptian authorities, Youm7 reported Monday.

The Moroccan-Norwegian Mona Hafid, who converted to Islam after marrying an Egyptian man who works in tourism, was barred to travel abroad because she convicted of beating her husband and was sentenced to six months in prison, although her sentenced was recently commuted.

Hafid, 53, filed for divorce from her husband, Mohamed F., 32, initially refused a mutual divorce. The couple eventually agreed that Hafid would cede him their home as a condition of the divorce.

Hafid requested the end of their marriage after learning her husband was married to a German woman, whom she met accidently in the Red Sea International Airport, Hafid told Youm7.

Hafid told Youm7 that even after the divorce proceedings Mohamed tried to extort money from her, and after a fight he filed a lawsuit against her over charges of beating him and trying to enforced him to sign a check for her.

She was convicted and sentenced to six months in prison; however she had taken the half of the time and released after her ex-husband dropped the case.

Hafid’s lawyer challenged the initial family court ruling after the case was dropped before the Court of Cassation, so Egyptian authorities rejected her request to travel abroad to Norway as she still faces a trial; her lawyer has not appealed a travel ban that is customary for those pending trial.

Additional Reporting by Emad Arafa

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