Lebanese singer Fadel Shaker says he wishes to go back to normal life
Lebanese singer Fadel Shaker - YOUM7

CAIRO: Lebanese singer Fadl Shaker has re-appeared on the public scene roughly two years after joining hard-line sheikhs and announcing his retirement. “I would like to go back to my normal life,” he said in an interview with LBC channel Saturday.

The controversial, well-known singer started growing his beard in 2012, claiming that singing is ‘haram,’ a term used to indicate something prohibited by Islam. He also wrote on his Facebook page, “don’t dream of becoming a singer, they are not that happy.”

Shortly after, Shaker announced he had joined Ahmed al-Assir’s Lebanon group, which supports militants fighting against Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria.

In his first interview, Shaker appeared bearded, talking in a very different way from how he had in past videos.

“My relation with the hard-line Shiekh al-Assir was very bad lately, and everyone, including the authorities, knows that,” Fadl said.

On his Twitter account Tuesday, Abdullah al-Mhisni, a major leader in the Syrian al-Nusra Front, addressed Shaker, saying he “shouldn’t be going back to singing again, and if  you will not be fighting with us, then at least keep going in your life as a normal person, not a singer.”

Shaker started singing in 1996. He released 11 albums and 21 singles until his announced retirement in 2012.

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