US, allies conduct 12 air strikes in Syria, Iraq
A U.S. Navy F/A-18 aircraft prepares to land REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

WASHINGTON: U.S. and coalition forces conducted eight air strikes against Islamic State fighters in Iraq during a 24-hour period, while U.S. forces led four air strikes in Syria, the U.S. military said on Tuesday.

The Syria strikes, all near Kobani, hit four Islamic State tactical units and destroyed nine fighting positions and a vehicle, according to the military’s statement.

In Iraq, four strikes near Kirkuk destroyed fighting positions, buildings, vehicles, a culvert crossing, a heavy machine gun and a potential car bomb while also hitting tactical units.

Three strikes near Falluja destroyed vehicles and hit tactical units. A single strike near Mosul “suppressed” an Islamic State vehicle, according to the statement.


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