2K cross Rafah border during 2-day opening
Gaza Strip - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Rafah border crossing was indefinitely closed Wednesday after allowing over 2,000 persons to travel both ways between Egypt and Gaza Strip Monday and Tuesday.

Egyptian authorities opened the crossing, mostly closed since October, for two days starting on Monday, in order to facilitate movement of persons unable to return to their countries.

On Monday, the border witnessed the crossing of 1,364 individuals; 388 entered Egypt and 976 entered Gaza, Youm7 reported.

On the second day, Tuesday, 1,008 persons crossed in both ways; 512 came from Gaza and 496 left Egypt.

Approximately 80 tons of medical aid provided by the United Arab Emirates also crossed the border, following coordination between the Egyptian Red Crescent and the Palestinian Red Crescent.

The crossing received students, stranded wives, patients and holders of foreign residencies, according to statements by the head of the crossings authority in Gaza on his Facebook.

The border has been mostly closed due to intensive security measures taking place in Sinai after an October attack killed more than 30 soldiers. It was opened few times since then; the last time was 45 days ago.

Following the October attack, the Egyptian army announced it would create a 1-km wide buffer zone along the Rafah-Gaza border. So far, an estimated 1,000 families have been displaced.

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