IS releases video showing child executing accused spy
It's the second time a child has been shown executing an ISIS captive in a video released by the sick terror organization. (Screengrab)

CAIRO: The Islamic State (IS) group released Tuesday a video showing a child executing a Palestinian man accused of spying on behalf of Israel.

The 9-minute video shows Mussalm confessing he had spied on IS in Syria for Israel, and then a militant speaking in French directs a child, who appears to be around 10 or 11 years old, to shoot him.

“My name is Mohamed Sai’d Ismail Mussalm; I’m 19 years old. I’m from Jerusalem. I was working in the firefighting. A Jewish neighbor working a police officer and asked me to work with the Israel intelligence” the victim says in the video.

Mussalm says in the video his father and his younger brother encouraged him to work for Mossad as it could bring him a lot of money, and that he met with an intelligence official called Eli, and trained in the Anatawt camp in Eastern Jerusalem for a month with other eight Jewish trainees. He also said received 5,000 Israel shekels ($1,236.)

Many IS hostages have been featured in videos making long statements either blaming their countries for causing their deaths, or giving alleged confessions of crimes.

Musslam said that after he entered the IS camp, he called his father to inform him of his location.

“My emir had discovered that I had left the guesthouse,” Musslam continued “he (emir) told me ‘you’ve gone against our obligation to listen and obey.’ At that point I got scared I was found that he’d become suspicious of me because I had gone and made a phone call.”

“He would punish me and have someone keep a close eye on me,” he added. Mussalm continued that he called back his father who asked him to withdraw and go back home. However, the IS militants on the borders captured him and he then came under investigations and confessed everything.

In February, the IS magazine Dapiq publication reported that Massalm was arrested over spying for Israel.

Mussalm’s family denied in February that his son was an Israeli agent, saying that he had been recruited by IS, and that he had possibly been kidnapped, Reuters reported.

In January, IS released a video footage showing another child, who could be less than 10 years old, fatally shooting dead two men accused of spying for Russia.

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