Egypt challenges designation of Hamas as terrorist
One The Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas - AP/Adel Hana

CAIRO: The Egypt government challenged a court ruling designating Hamas as a “terrorist organization” Wednesday; Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri said the move “undoubtedly” will lead to improve relations in favor of the Egyptian and Palestinian people.

The challenge represents “recognition that a mistake was made against the Palestinian cause, and we hope this step would correct this error,” Abu Zuhri wrote on Facebook.

Following a suit filed by private lawyer Samir Sabry, the Cairo Court for Urgent Matters designated Hamas as a “terrorist organization” Feb. 28 based on an alleged role in attacks on Egyptian soil and the raiding of Wadi al-Natroun prison during the January 25 Revolution, where Hamas and Hezbollah members managed to escape in 2011.

The State Lawsuit Authority filed the challenge to the verdict; a date has yet to be fixed for the beginning of the appeal.

Hamas has accused its rival Fatah of inciting against it in Egypt, and cast doubt over the impartiality of Egypt as a mediator between the two groups.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad visited Egypt last week to discuss humanitarian conditions in Gaza and present itself as an alternative to Hamas. Egypt followed the visit by opening Rafah border crossing Monday and Tuesday.

The military arm of the Gaza-based group Qassam Brigades was listed by the same court as a “terrorist organization” Jan. 31, amid deteriorating relations between Egypt and Hamas since the 2013 ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood’s President Mohamed Morsi.

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