Appeal of 4 men sentenced to 3Ys in jail over killing dog accepted

CAIRO: An appeal of four men sentenced to three years in prison over torturing and killing a dog was accepted Thursday and the first trial session was set for March 16, Youm7 reported.

The dog’s owner, Sayed, was sentenced in absentia and faces also charges of armed robbery using his dog to terrorize people.

The Shubra el-Kheima Misdemeanor Court ruled Wednesday to sentence four defendants, including the dog’s owner, to three years in jail with labor over torturing and killing the dog, Max, last month. A video showing the killing of the dog went viral on social media and animal rights advocators demanded the perpetrators be brought to court.

Footage released showed the men after they had leashed the dog to a pole stabbing it to death while a crowd looked on, with many recording the incident in Al-Ahram St. in Shubra el-Kheima of Al-Qalyubiyah governorate.

Investigations into the case showed that Sayed and a friend of him took Max with them with the intent to rob a shop, and that when another man defended the shop owner; Max bit the man in his genitals. Sayed initially stated that he had been the victim of a fight, and has unleashed his dog to protect himself from a mob. Investigations later showed that he agreed to give the dog to be killed by those who were bitten.

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