Egypt Press Review: December 13
By : Youm7

Egypt press reported Egyptian SSI arresting 26 people behind the current gas cylinder crisis. Egyptian debt reached U.S. $125.4 billion and that 400 NGOs are funded by outside parties.

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior is studying the voting of defendants reprimanded in custody.

Israeli ambassador to Egypt said he will not show the Israeli flag on his vehicle since he did not yet present his credentials.

Youm7 Youm7:

Prominent member in the advisory council revealed both the military and advisory councils are trying to retain the Muslim Brotherhood (MN) in the advisory council. Egypt’s ruling military council feels embarrassed in front of the public opinion because of its power’s absence in the advisory council.

Sources assured to Youm7 the chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Mohamed Morsi attended all the council’s preparatory meetings but the group pressured the political party to withdraw from the advisory council.

The newspaper published a file to the Egyptian debts that reached 125.4 billion EGP, whereas foreign exchange reached U.S. $20 billion. It should be noted this is the highest debt owed throughout Egyptian history.

Experts assured the political and security stability will retrieve investments estimated at U.S. $10 billion and also the industrial developments bound to the scientific research investment.




Member of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, one of the political parties in the Egyptian Bloc, Farid Zahran said the coordination between the liberals for the individual seats in parliament succeeded by a ratio of eight percent.

The liberal parties may receive more votes after the coordination, Zahran said. He also said the Egyptian Bloc could receive more votes as voters may fear of the Islamic monopoly. Islamic political parties is waging a campaign against liberal parties and accusing them of immorality and this may affect Egyptian voters.

Security forces arrested 26 of the warehouse owners since they are storing the gas cylinders, which led into the current crisis.

Al-Masry Al-Youm:

A source in the FJP said the party assigned the public guide’s senior Khairat el-Shater to execute the “Renaissance Project.” Shater said he will use the experience of experts in Asia, Africa and local experts. A huge amount of money has been allocated for this project, Khairat added.

The investigation conducted by the Egyptian Ministry of Justice revealed many NGOs and candidates received funds from foreign states. The ministry said the funding is not a crime in case they were received through eligible channels.


Diplomatic sources said the new Israeli ambassador to Egypt Yaakov Amitai arrived in Cairo on Monday December 12 and cannot meet any Egyptian official as he did not present his credentials to Egyptian FM Mohamed Kamel Amr.

The ambassador will not be able to show the Israeli flag on his vehicle unless he presented his credentials.


Security sources told the newspaper the Ministry of Interior sent the administration court’s verdict, allowing the prisoners remanded in custody to vote during the elections to the Supreme Electoral Committee (SEC). The SEC will state the means to be used to enable those prisoners of voting.

The security source said in case the prisoners will vote from the prisons, and the director will not be the head of the polling station.

The source added the prisoners may vote the same way Egyptians abroad voted, through postal service or establishing polling stations headed by judges in each prison.




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