Egypt Press Review: December 10
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Egypt’s press today focused on issues including former head of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Mahdi Akef’s statements on the overwhelming Islamic trends in the elections, thousands of people calling for the protection of tourism and compensating its losses, and newly appointed Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim’s statements on procedures against any violations by police officers.



During his interview with the newspaper, Mohamed Mahdi Akef said, “Islamic trends weren’t overwhelming in the first round because ‘overwhelming’ means they entered a competition and gained a lead on all candidates, when in fact, they are participating rather than competing.”

Akef also said the Freedom and Justice Party gaining 40 percent in the elections, which is the people’s will, ensures the inclusion of all political trends, despite other parties only having one candidate in parliament.

He directed his words at Coptic Christians who say they will leave the country if Islamists gain power, saying, “Whoever wants to leave Egypt is free to do so.”


In the first demonstration of its kind, Minister of Tourism Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour led a demonstration of thousands of people calling for the protection of tourism and compensating its losses.

Abdel Nour said, “We will protect our heritage,” emphasizing tourism’s 13 billion EGP per year income, which represents 12 percent of local production.

El masry

Al-Masry Al-Youm

Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim Yousif told the newspaper, “Egyptian streets will witness intensive security presence during the coming period.”

Yousif ensured all the ministry’s sectors will mount intensive campaigns on all criminal hotbeds across Egypt’s governorates.

He also promised to take firm measures against any violations by officers, stressing that the police’s duty is to protect citizens and secure them.

He said ministry of interior personnel were able to eliminate terrorism before and are able to pass Egypt’s current crises.



Worshippers at Kafr el-Dawar’s Ikhlas Mosque were surprised when the Friday prayers preacher, a Salafi, urged them to vote for the al-Nour Salafist Party’s candidates.

The preacher repeated, “Whoever votes for Salafis will be guaranteed a place in heaven.”


Chancellor of Minister of Supply Mohamed Abu Shady said, “Despite opposing opinions to a project limiting margin profit to 30 percent in all phases of distribution, the ministry insists on moving in this direction.”

Abu Shady also said the most important part in the decision to limit margin profit is its equal distribution of 10 percent for producers or importers, 10 percent for wholesalers and 10 percent for retailers.


Cairo Governor Abdel Kawy Khalifa said first term exams in Cairo schools will begin on Tuesday, January 3 and will end on Tuesday, January 24, as announced in schedules at the headquarters of the educational directorates and schools.

Director of Cairo’s Educational Directorate Saeed Emara said, “Exams in Cairo were planned to commence from January 14 until January 26, but after the Administrative Judiciary decided to hold first round runoff elections, it will be difficult to hold exams at schools being used as polling stations.”

The first round runoff includes the educational directorates of Rod el-Farag, el-Sahel, Shubra, el-Sharabiya and el-Zawya el-Hamra. The elections will be held in these directorates on January 10 and 11, while the runoff will be on January 17 and 18.



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