Egypt press reported al-Ganzouri ending discussions about Egypt’s new government’s formation and the Administrative Judiciary refusing the call of cancelling the renewal of the national ID every seven years.


Shiite activist Mohamed el-Dareeny said the residents got used to people celebrating the Ashouraa. He pointed out security forces lead seven Shiites to the Gamaleya police station, who were subjected to investigations for five hours.

The seven Shiites were questioned about the reason for celebrating and their source of financing. El-Dareeny said he and a group of Shiites gathered in the region of Hussein to celebrate the Ashouraa since 7:00 A.M. on the morning of December 5. He added they used microphones to gather and receive people in tents they built.

Security forces released the seven Shiites, who were arrested on Monday during their celebrating Ashouraa without any previous permits approved by Egyptian authorities.

Sources revealed Egypt’s ruling military council will release a law providing Egypt’s designated Prime Minister Kamal al-Ganzouri authority similar to a president’s power, except for judiciary policies and control over the armed forces.

Chairman of the military council Hussein Tantawi met with al-Ganzouri to discuss the amendment of the tenth term of constitutional articles no. 56 and 57, which provides the Prime Minister all power, enabling him to rule Egypt’s affairs.

Al-Ganzouri continued to meet with some nominees to ministerial posts at the headquarters of the Ministry of Planning in Nasr City.

He met with eight of the current ministers and met with a group of revolution’s injuries, where he discussed their suggestions and demands concerning the reformation of martyrs’ families and injuries’ fund.


A polling station in Karaga School in Kafr el-Sheikh witnessed exchange of gunshot by a soldier of the armed forces after a clash between one of the voters and the judge.

The clash was due to the voter’s refusal to let a woman take off her niqab to confirm her identity before voting.

36 Egyptians arrived at Cairo airport after being rescued from a sinking fishing boat in the sea in the Greek waters last week. The Egyptians brought the fishing ship for illegal immigration by the assistance of some smugglers. Egyptian Ambassador in Greece Tarek Adel said they found with the deportees’ national IDs.

The Ambassador called on Egyptian youths not to expose themselves to death.
El masry

Official judiciary sources reveal the Ministry of Justice received investigations ensuring some of People’s Assembly and Shura Council candidates were financed by gulf and European countries for support in the electoral campaigns.

The newspaper mentioned some of these candidates belong to religious and Salafi groups. The newspaper also said it saved a copy of the document proving one of the broadcasters was the mid-point between Iran and the candidates.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Amr Rushdi said the operation room at the Foreign Ministry is receiving the results of vote count from the embassies throughout the day.

Rushdi added the most important embassies that sent their results were Egyptian embassies in Washington, Paris, Athens, Jordan and Bahrain.

He pointed out the numbers of Egyptians abroad who participated in the runoff round were less than the numbers who voted in the first round. He assured there were 70 Egyptian embassies abroad that sent in their results.


A source said al-Ganzouri ended governmental discussions and decided on the nominees of all the ministries, except both Ministers of Interior and Information.

The source expected the names will be announced on Wednesday December 7 and assured al-Ganzouri didn’t decide if he will follow up the roles of his position from the headquarters of the council of Ministers or not.

Minister of Agriculture Saad Nassar and nominee for Minister of Agriculture said he didn’t receive any calls from the Council of Ministers about the appointment.

The revolutionary forces assured their rejection to the appointment of Ahmed Anis as Minister of Information.

There was a slight increase of the gas cylinders to 1.25 million cylinders in addition to intensifying the monitoring of the projects.

The military police captured street vendors in Ein El-Seira for forcing workers at gas cylinder stores to load carts to be sold in the black market.

Minister of Supply Abdel Khaliq Gouda promised to solve the gas cylinder crisis in all governorates during the few coming hours, ensuring the crisis doesn’t concern only the ministry but also the coordination between ministries of Petroleum and Interior to recall stability to the prices of all goods.


Administrative Judiciary Court refused the call for cancelling the renewal of national ID every seven years.

Nassr El-Din Hamed filed a lawsuit against Egypt’s Prime Minister and Minister of Interior concerning the renewal of the national ID every seven years, saying this decision has no legal base and was taken by the former Minister of Interior Habib al-Adly as a way of corrupting and utilizing citizens for profiteering.

Hamed assured that the renewing of the national ID carries a big violation to the law of civil status no. 143 for year 1994.

The national authority for organizing the users’ calls called on for assistance of e-mail and fax line for reporting complaints of changing numbers announced by the authority last October.

The head of authority Amr Badawy said the call for using e-mail and fax instead of call center 144 was made due to the increase of numbers of calls received each hour, estimated at 1,000 calls every hour.

The authority added there is no agreement so far with the mobile companies concerning the joint cooperation for receiving citizens’ complaints.

Badawy pointed out the numbers of the assigned citizens to respond to the complaints are not enough to respond to all complaints related to bills, networks and others.


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