Egypt Press Review: December 3
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Date: December 3, 2011


Egypt media reports General Secretariat of the Freedom and Justice Party Mohamed Saad El-Katatni said after winning the majority of Parliamentary seats, the biggest challenge for the Islamic trend, especially for the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), is to maintain the confidence of the voters.

Head of German Parliament Norbert Lammert said the situation in Egypt is not only difficult but it may lead to unexpected results. He added it is good for Egypt to witness new elections but the influence of the election results on the political situations in the country is unclear as of yet.



“For all the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) members, we are still in Tahrir Square,” FJP leader in Giza Ayman Sadek said after the FJP gained the lead in the first round of the parliamentary elections, which lead to an excessive self-confidence and arrogance.

Some party leaders had intense meetings with the candidates to maintain the absence of arrogance in the second and third rounds.

“It is unfair to compare Egypt with any other country’s regime, such as Turkey or Iran. Democratic countries were brought up by mediated Islamic trends and we have to respect the others’ regime,” al-Katatni said.



An International Medical Center official source said former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is not subject to any chemotherapy to treat any tumors because he is not diagnosed with cancer.

Professor of tumor treatment and head of the medical team Yasser Abdel Kader was appointed by the court to follow Mubarak’s case and finished the last medical report he has been preparing for two months to be submitted to the court.

The report showed Mubarak is not affected with cancer.

El masry

Al-Masry Al-Youm:

Famous broadcaster and journalist Emad el-Din Adeeb said the clashes between the military council and the upcoming Parliament is like a chemical equation. He added in his interview with the newspaper that sages and wise men should go to military council to negotiate about the exclusion of military council from power.

Assistant of Minister of Defense for Financial Affairs Mahmoud Nasr said they don’t want to direct or want aid or support from foreign or gulf countries. He pointing out the armed forces deposited one billion U.S. dollars of its productive projects’ income in the Central Bank of Egypt.

Nasr expected the total reserves will decline from U.S. $22 billion to U.S. $15 billion by the end of January 2012. Nasr warned of inadequacy of Egypt’s reserves for strategic commodities but only for a period of three months.


The results of the parliamentary elections first round revealed the Islamic trends, such as the FJP and Al-Nour Party, gained leads over other political parties.

In the first round, there were some prominent candidate names able to win, including Deputy Chairmen of Misr al-Horreya (Freedom Egypt) Party Amr Hamzawy who was able to gain the leads over the MB candidate for the individual professional seat. Hamzawy represents the liberal trend in the district of Heliopolis in Cairo.

Al-Nour candidate Mohamed Omara won in the South Cairo district of Maadi in the first round of parliamentary elections.


Individual professional candidate Mohamed el-Khodeiry in the district of el-Raml in Alexandria said he is sad for not losing in the first round, pointing out his rival Tarek Mostafa spent much money on his campaign and accused him of buying the people’s votes.

El-Khodeiry said he only used posters in his electoral campaign, like all candidates, and pointing out the FJP and all his supporters stood by him during the elections.


Al-Azhar University started procedures of appointing graduates of 2002 until 2010 as members of the education board in university colleges, according to the decision of the Head of Council of Ministers and regulations set by Head of Al-Azhar University Osama el-Abd.

General Secretariat of Al-Azhar University Mahmoud Shaaban said the university is preparing a decision to appoint graduates of the faculty of languages and translation after filling out all information of those graduates and send them to the university’s administration.

Head of Social Insurance Fund for workers in the public and private sectors, Thoraya Fatouh Abdel Hamid, announced the last phase of exemption from fines of insurance will end on December 31.



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