Egypt Press Review: December 6
Egypt Press Review: Jan. 10

The Egyptian ruling military council’s civil advisory council will be announced on Thursday, said council member Ismail Etman.

Weak turnout in the runoff elections on Monday led to more electoral violations by parliamentary candidates. 

The Freedom and Justice Party Chairman Mohamed Morsi today said that not enough Copts have been nominated for individual seats in the new parliament.

“Competition for lists seats is easier than individual seats, which helps the Copts,” Morsi added.

“It is not time to talk about political coalitions or forming a governmental coalition,” he continued. “There is not conflict between the ruling council over the authority of the government.”

“There is not conflict between the Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing,” he said, calling on all parliamentary winners to cooperate with the government and the military.

Liberal and leftist parties today decided to align during the next phase of the elections, citing the massive wins by Islamists in the first phase.

Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris today met with parliamentarian Amr Hamzawy to discuss the coming session of parliament.
The Egyptian ruling military council will announce its civil advisory council on Thursday, said council member Ismail Etman.

Potential Egyptian presidential candidate Mohamed Selim al-Awa said that the council will meet on Thursday to choose the president and vice presidents.

“The council will also meet on Sunday to discuss the presidential elections law,” he added.

Supreme Council of the Armed Forces Chief Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi yesterday ordered SCAF members to follow the runoff elections and follow-up on any developments or complaints, a source reported.
El masryMany empty ballot boxes were found on Monday, showing weak turnout for the runoff elections. An increase in electoral violations occurred as a result.

Electoral campaigns resumed in front of polling stations and Islamist candidates insisted on using religious slogans.

The al-Nour Party will not rule out forming a parliamentary coalition with the Muslim Brotherhood, reported Chairman Emad Abdel-Ghafor. He also said that they will work to form a national coalition, not an Islamic coalition.

“An Islamic coalition will divide the Egyptian people, which could harm national interests,” said Abdel-Ghafor. “There will not be political conflicts between the Islamic parties.”

“We will always meet with the leaders of the ruling military council to discuss political developments,” he added.
ShoroukA judicial source today denied that the Public Prosecution released police officer Mahmoud al-Shenawy, the so-called Eye Hunter.

“The defendant is detained for 15 days pending investigation,” the source reported. “He has not been released.”

Potential Egyptian presidential candidate Mohamed el-Baradei today said that Islamists must be given the opportunity to govern, but slogans alone are not enough to rule the country.

He also criticized the current regime, calling a fascist government including military trials and an emergency law.

“If the country sees another round of revolution, it will likely be violent,” el-Baradei warned.
The Egyptian stock market lost about 2.1 billion EGP yesterday as Arab and foreign investors fled the market.

“The Egyptian market will improve strongly when Egypt achieves political stability,” said Mohamed Omran, the chairman of the Egyptian Stock Exchange.
Potential presidential candidate Hazem Salah Abou-Ismail is not affiliated with the al-Nour Party, and the Party is not responsible for his statements regarding tourism, banking and women, reported al-Nour Spokesman Yossry Hamad.

“Liberal movements are trying to use his statements to besmirch the Salafi image,” Hamad said. “The Party will work to establish a modern state and cooperate with Al-Azhar on religious issues.”

“The Party does not condemn banking and tourism,” he added.


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