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The Egyptian press reported on the use of children in campaigns by the Salafi Nour Party, the Freedom and Justice Party, and the Reconstruction and Development Party. It also covered a report by the Ministry of Health that said the tear gas used against demonstrators matched specifications. 
Youm7Many of those nominated for ministerial positions in Prime Minister-Designate Kamal el-Ganzouri’s government refused to be appointed, causing a delay in the declaration of the new government until this Friday.

Ganzouri did not go to his office at the headquarters of the National Planning Institute in Nasr City Wednesday.

Sources said the real problem facing Ganzouri is that he wants to satisfy all political, religious, and revolutionary trends, and solve problems between demonstrators in Tahrir Square and the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF).

Sources said that the suggested list includes Amr el-Shobky as Minister of Information, Writer Mohamed Salmawy as Minister of Culture, Essam el-Erian as Health Minister, and Hani Mahmoud as Minister of Telecommunications. Ganzouri reportedly excluded Mansour el-Issawy, Ali el-Selmy, and Hazem al-Beblawy from the new cabinet.
AhramField Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi will form a civil advisory council including 30 figures representing all political trends and forces, including eight from the Revolution Youth. This council’s mission will be to give the SCAF advice and opinions related to the country’s affairs. The council will hold a weekly meeting as well as meet with the SCAF monthly.

The council will also meet at the request of a third its members or the SCAF.

The mission of this council will end by choosing the president. The most prominent candidates for the membership of the council are: Abdel Aziz Hegazy, Amr Moussa, El-Sayyed el-Badawy, Galal Amin, Hossam Essa, Nour Farahat, Abu el-Ela Mady, Mansour Hassan, Mamdouh Hamza, and Moataz Ballaah Abdel Fattaah.
El masryThe Egyptian association for Human Rights witnessed violations and irregularities practiced by political parties in the campaign phase on the day of voting. Some of parties continued to campaign outside polling stations, with some using children in their electoral campaign.

The chairman of the association, Mohamed el-Badawy, said that al-Nour Party, the Freedom and Justice Party, and the Reform and Development Party used children to campaign the most.

Children between 9 and 15 in the neighborhoods of Shubra, Sharabiya, and Zawya el-Hamra regions were paid to distribute campaign materials, receiving between 10 and 20 EGP (U.S. $1.67 and $3.34) daily.
AkhbarEgypt’s former State Mufti, Nasr Farid, said he is now more optimistic about Egypt’s future after the success of the first round of elections.

Farid added that choosing Ganzouri as a Prime Minister was a good choice. He said Ganzouri’s age would not prevent him from doing his job.

He defined “martyr” as one who defends his country peacefully.

He added that the reason for his dismissal from the position of state Mufti was his rejection of the QIZ agreement.
ShoroukHealth Minister Amr Helmy submitted a report to Prime Minister Essam Sharaf about teargas used in Tahrir Square, which stated that the gas matched specifications.

The Medical Center sent a report to the Health Ministry saying that the active substance in tested bottles matched “CS gas.”
GomhoriaThe Supreme Council of Antiquities’ delegation, carrying out excavations in the Ein el-Sabeel region of New Valley governorate’s el-Dakhla Oasis, discovered a city dating back to the Fourth Century. At the center of the city, there is a church built in basilica style.

The discovery points to the existence of other archaeological cities, said the General Secretary of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Amin.

The head of the Islamic and Coptic antiquities sector, Mohsen Sayed, said excavations discovered a house of with a large hall, many living rooms, a kitchen, and stairs.

They also discovered bronze coins dating back to third and fourth Centuries.

They added that excavations would continue until they uncover the whole city.


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