ANHRI condemns arrest of 2 journalists for unlicensed filming
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CAIRO:  The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) condemned in statement Sunday the arrest of Nourhan Zayed and Mustafa Mahmoud, journalists at Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, and their referral to the prosecution on charges of unlicensed filming.

According to the statement the incident took place in the Menoufia governorate; a total of 14 were arrested including the two journalists, after they were reportedly filming a report about Facebook at a public cafe in Albagour District.

“Neither the Constitution nor the law bans shooting in non-military areas” the group stated, and demanded the “discontinuation of investigations and the urgent release of those who were arrested.”

ANHRI, moreover, called for amending toward the regulations and decisions in accordance with the Constitution and human rights.

In a December annual roundup 2014 Reporters without Borders (RWB) said 46 journalists in Egypt were arrested during that year. Egypt followed Ukraine in the list of the countries where the most journalists had been arrested.

Throughout 2014, globally 66 journalists were killed, 119 others were kidnapped while 178 journalists were imprisoned, according to the roundup.

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