Policeman charged with killing hospitalized MB supporter
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CAIRO:  A policeman was charged Wednesday with killing a Muslim Brotherhood supporter as he lay in his hospital bed in the Agouza Hospital, Youm7 reported.

North Cairo Prosecution has referred a police personnel referred to only as Osama, to a criminal court over killing Ibrahim Badawy inside Agouza hospital where Badawy was receiving medical care after he had been shot during his arrest.

Badawy was apprehended after allegedly attempting to explode a gas pipeline in al-Warraq district in Giza. However, the time of his arrest was not declared, according to the investigation.

The investigation revealed the policeman, who was charged with guarding Badawy in the hospital, confessed that he fatally shot him Feb. 2 after an alleged altercation between them over the latest attacks on the military and police personnel in North Sinai on Jan. 29 in which at least 29 killed and 45 were injured.

Osama is the second policeman to be referred to a criminal court in two days; the General Prosecution charged a police officer with killing political activist Shaimaa al-Sabbagh, who was shot dead during a peaceful demonstration in Tahrir Square a day before the fourth anniversary of the Jan. 25 Revolution.

Reporting on the investigations of Sabbagh’s case were banned by a decision from the prosecution after the incident; the ban was lifted when the case was referred Tuesday to a criminal court.

In March 2014, a police officer was sentenced to 10 years in prison and other three officers were sentenced to one year in jail over killing  37 prisoners, allegedly belong to the Muslim Brotherhood, in a prisoners transporting truck. The officers threw a gas bomb inside the truck and closed the doors, leading the prisoners died from suffocation.

Almost all policemen charged with killing hundreds of protesters during the 2011 uprising were acquitted on grounds of lack of evidence, or for self-defense.

Only two officers were given sentences, according to the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights. One of whom is Captain Tamer Refat, who was sentenced to five years in prison in September 2012 for shooting a woman on her balcony. A video filmed by her children was presented as damning evidence.

Additional Reporting by Hanan Fayed.

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