Sisi orders evacuation of land slated for new capital

CAIRO: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi ordered Wednesday the preparation and evacuation of residents from the land allocated to be used for establishing the new administrative capital city, halfway between Cairo and the Suez Canal area.

A presidential statement added that the project was ordered to be started immediately so it can be completed within the five-year deadline announced during Egypt’s Economic Development Conference (EEDC) last weekend.

During his meeting with a number of military leaders, Sisi emphasized the importance of this new capital, which said is mainly intended to “alleviate congestion, urban crowding and overpopulation in Cairo.”

Earlier in March, Housing Minister Mostafa Madbouly signed an agreement with the UAE government for the capital’s construction.

“The new capital is planned expand to 700 square kilometers in size and to house at least 5 million people. The first phase of the project involves the expansion of the current capital eastwards by adding an area of 105 square kilometers to house governmental buildings, embassies, universities with 9,000 kilometers of roads and over 1 million residential units” said Madbouly during the opening of the three-day EEDC.

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