Giza Zoo tries to cheer widower chimp with new partner 

CAIRO: In an attempt the to cheer up Koko, the widower male chimp who lost his female partner Moza earlier this month due to respiratory system cancer, the Giza Zoo announced his “engagement” to a new female partner called Loza Thursday.

An official source in the zoo told Youm7 that a technical committee along with medical team was formed to study the chimps’ interaction to assess whether they would make a good pair.


Moza, whose name means banana in Arabic, was diagnosed with her cancer five years ago, died on March 5 at 13 years old.

Her former partner Koko suffered since then from depression and abstained from food, Youm7 reported. A number of the zoo visitors also have noted that Koko was not reacting or playing with others.


During her illness and treatments, Moza had been separated from her partner Koko and the other chimps for more than a year, in order to avoid infection.

A number of animal welfare societies and animal rights’ activists announced a state of mourning following Moza’s death.


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