Minister of Media: Satellite broadcasts important for Egypt’s image abroad

Egyptian televised media must be delivered across the world in order to transmit a clear image about current events in Egypt, Minister of Media Doria Sharaf al-Din announced today.

The international Nile channels broadcast to the United States, Australia, Asia, and Africa play an important role in delivering a loud and clear message across the world to clarify the facts, she said.

El-Din announced that Nile TV will broadcast from the Galaxy 19 satellite that covers the entire U.S., plus Intelsat 905, which covers Africa, and Nile Sat 201, which covers the Middle East and southern Europe.

The frequency on Galaxy 19 is 12028 horizontal polarization 97 degrees west , Nile Sat 201 is 12053 vertical polarization 7 degrees west Correction factor 6/5 symbol rate 27500 , and Intelsat 905 3688 right circular polarization 24.5 degrees west correction factor 4/3 Coding rate 21050.

Translated from Youm7.

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