I’m at the top of the terrorists’ hit list: Salafi Nour Party Head
Salafi Nour Party head Younes Makhion - YOUM7

CAIRO: Salafi Nour Party head Younes Makhion told Youm7 Sunday he has been threatened more than once and that his name is at the top of a hit list for “terrorists.”

He added that other leaders in party also receive threats; however, “they are all working normally despite the postponing of the parliamentary elections.”

The Nour Party is known in Egypt as a hard-line Salafi group, albeit ideologically against toppling a ruler. However, it participated in laying out the 2013 roadmap after the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi. A number of its supporters dissented from its position and took to streets in support of the Muslim Brotherhood.

After the events of June 30 and the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, the Nour party, unlike other Islamist parties, announced its support to the new regime headed by President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi. Last January, during the fourth anniversary of the 2011 January 25 Revolution they announced that they will not participate in any demonstrations.

Yasser Borhamy, a major Salafi leader, was attacked and beaten as he was participating in an event organized inside a mosque in Giza last June.

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