Photojournalist jailed for 24 hours after his phone rang inside court
YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO:  A photojournalist was ordered be jailed 24 hours Sunday because his mobile phone rang inside the court as a hearing was taking place, Youm7 reported.

Judge Mohamed Shereen Fahmy accused the photojournalist with interrupting the session and rioting. The case tackles raiding a police station.

About 47 defendants are being tried in the case of breaking into Al-Tbeen police station, south Cairo, in August 2013, shortly after the dispersal of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Rabaa al-Adwya and Nahda sit-ins.

One officer was killed during the riots, others were injured. The defendants in the case are facing accusations of murder, torching the station, helping prisoners escape, joining an illegal group and assaulting police forces.

Fahmy is known for strictness during trial hearings; it is not the first time that he jails someone because of a phone ringing inside the court, according to al-Watan.

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