Egyptian nostalgia takes over twitter

CAIRO: Images of the 1980s have spread on Twitter today, with a hashtag translating to ‘I am the generation of’ took over Twitter users and triggered their nostalgia to share their memories of their favorite old songs, games, TV series, and other pop culture moments.

To highlight their different childhood memories, Egyptian users posted pictures of then-cutting edge technologies that have long been eclipsed.

“I am of the generation that used to rewind cassette tapes using a pen,” said @ahmed_helal14.

“I used to attach my walkman to my belt, put on the headset and get on the bus; passengers considered me [then] a space creature,” said Twitter user Sameh Omar.



Cassette tapes:

Users remembered using them to record their favorite music and make mix tapes. @XforMoody shared the picture below with the caption: “RIP :(“


Floppy Disk:

It had been largely replaced by the late nineties’ computer storage methods CD’s, DVD’s and USB drives.

@MhmD_3L: “Dear owner of 64 mega flash memory; this black chip was the only storage method outside the computer.”


A nostalgia for old cartoons appeared in the tweets, where users shared pictures of the Nubian character Bakar, Pokemon, Teletubbies, Captain Maged and the Magic School bus.

Bakar picture



Others remembered staying up late to watch their favorite TV series: Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, friends, while others highlighted their memories by mentioning the famous Egyptian TV series “Yawmeyat Wanees” or “The Wanees Diary,” starred and written by comedian Mohamed Sobhi.


Started in 1994, the TV series talks about father Wanees and mother Mayesa who raise their four children on morals and values and discover that they are raising themselves as well.


Also some remembered TV advertisements for sweets they love.


Super Magic gum:

‏@M_AmGaD: “the gumball one was too hard, but I used to like it.”

@LaNudz: “I only take its taste and then spit it out.”



Some users mocked games they used to waste time on.


Fishing game:

‏@YoumnaHimo said “I am of the generation who wasted hours on this game to only get two fish.”


Playing snake on Nokia 3310:

‏@BakyElbhnasy: “Oh my god! It wasted a lot of my time.”



Light up shoes:


The 10 piaster:

Khaled Abdallah ‏wrote on his account @Ibn_Zaghloul: I were there :D


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