Man to file suit demanding Father’s Day on Sisi’s Birthday
President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi smiles as youth take a selfie with him during the closing session of the Egypt Economic Conference held in Sharm al Sheikh in March 2016.

CAIRO: An Egyptian citizen will file a lawsuit next week demanding the designation of Nov. 19, President Sisi’s birthday, as a national Father’s Day, he told reporters Monday.

Yasser Abdel Wahab added that some of his “thousands of supporters” have advised him to change the suggested day to March 13, in commemoration of the first day of the Egypt Economic Development Conference.

Abdel Wahab, who says he seeks equality with Mother’s Day, said the role of fathers “cannot be denied or ignored,” and they should be honored because their sacrifices are “not less valuable than mothers.”

On Thursday Qalyubia, in Egypt’s Delta, became the first governorate to designate a Father’s Day, which will be on April 21. The request was filed to the governorate’s council by Dean of Applied Arts at Banha University Yasser Suhail.

On Mother’s Day, celebrated March 21 in Egypt, a total of 31 mothers received a 50,000 EGP ($6,560) award each and were honored by Sisi. One of the awarded mothers had dressed like a man for more than 40 years to work in what are considered “men’s jobs” to earn a living for herself and her daughter.

On March 21, famous comedian Abou Hafiza parodied an old song dedicated to mothers and strongly attached to their day, dedicating it to fathers. The new lyrics mainly emphasize the father’s role in providing for the family.


Abou Hafiza’s song for fathers


Old song dedicated to mothers



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