Live Updates: Arab League Summit discusses Yemen
Security forces patrol outside International Convention Center in Sharm al-Sheikh ahead of Arab League Summit

CAIRO: The Arab League summit kicked off Saturday morning in Sharm al-Sheikh to discuss the situation in Yemen, including a united Arab force against the Houthi forces which have taken over most areas of the country from the U.S. and Saudi-backed President Hadi. Here are the live updates:

2:50- Abbas: Arabs in Israel managed to obtain 13 seats in the Knesset on one list.  This is an important phenomenon, and we do not seek interference; assures “we do not seek interference.”

2:40- Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas: visiting Quds does not mean normalization with Israel.

2:30- Tamim: We assure good neighborliness with Iran

2:30-Tamim: Militias of former Yemeni President Saleh and Houthis are behind deterioration in Yemen.

2:25- Tamim praises Kuwaiti efforts in hosting the Syrian humanitarian relief conference

2:20- Tamim: We call for political solution to solve Syrian crisis through a transitional government.

2:15- Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad takes floor to speak.

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi receives Arab leaders - YOUM7

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi receives Qatari Emir Tamim- YOUM7

2:10- Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir : we country support Saudi-led operation in Yemen.

1:50- Bahraini King : Settlements in Gaza should stop; and so should the Israeli brutal blockade in the strip.

1:45- Bahrain King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa: we support Arab countries’ interference to restore legitimacy to Yemen

12:48- Secretary-General of Arab League Nabil al-Araby: we support Resolute Storm for Yemen’s stability.

12:45- Arab League Secretary General Nabil al Araby: league should be restructured to be more active in achieving the 2 state solution; negotiations with Israel failed and must be replaced by more active ways to press on the Israeli government to accept the 2-state solution

12:40- Hadi to Houthis: you destroyed Yemen with your political immaturity.

12: 36- Hadi: Houthi militants have violated Yemeni sovereignty

12:34- Hadi: My political responsibility requires asking brother Arab countries to save Yemen

12:32- Hadi: Houthi militias and allies suffer “power mania.”

12:30- Hadi: I have repeatedly called on Yemeni political powers for talks in Riyadh but in vain.

12:25- Yemen’s Hadi: Houthi militias gained support of spiteful internal forces.

12:23- Salman: It is time for the international community to adopt the Arab peace initiative

12:20- Salman: Painful reality in some Arab countries made formation of Arab Regional joint force inevitable

12:17- Saudi king Salman takes the floor, says operation Resolute Storm began after an official request from the Yemeni president, and aims to preserve Yemeni stability

Sisi greets Saudi King Salman in Sharm al-Sheikh before Arab League Summit

Sisi greets Saudi King Salman in Sharm al-Sheikh before Arab League Summit

12:09- Sisi concludes speech with “Long Live Arab League”

12:06- Sisi: Egypt urges declaring the Middle East a nuclear weapon-free area

12:05- Sisi: Egypt is in contact with the “moderate Syrian opposition”

12:01- Sisi: Egypt urges political solution that stops the bloodshed in Syria.

12:00- Sisi: Our support to the internationally recognized government in Libya is based on respecting the will of the Libyan people. The situation is Libya is getting from bad to worse and Arabs have to interfere to protect Libyan civilians.

11:55- Sisi: Situation in Yemen is the most challenging threat to Arab’s national security; after peace talks with militants in Yemen failed we had to launch airstrikes.

11:55- Sisi:Arab nations have right to defend themselves through deterrence

11:53- Sisi: Egypt welcomes decision to establish a Joint Arab Force to combat national security challenges.

11:50- Sisi: regional powers take advantage of deteriorated economic and social situations in the area and interfere in Arab countries’ affairs in a way that threatens our national security.

11:45- Sisi: the spread of terrorism will divide Arab nations

11:40- Sisi begins speaking.

11:35- Kuwaiti Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah: The political scene in the Arab nations worsens given security deterioration in Libya and Yemen, but it is consolation that Arab work in this summit is led by President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi. Terrorism comes with its damaging thoughts as one of the main challenges facing the Arab Nation. Syria’s conflict enters its fifth year with millions of refugees and hundreds of thousands of deaths. The conflict in Syria will only end with political solution to meet people’s demands. We agreed to Ban Ki Moon’s request to host a Donors’ Conference to support the humanitarian situation in Syria on March 31. I invite you all to participate in it.

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