Sohag teacher charged with for beating student with shoe
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CAIRO: A teacher in Sohag governorate was charged with beating a student in the third grade with his shoes for poor academic performance, Youm7 reported.

The teacher will be subjected to disciplinary procedures as soon as the criminal investigation has been completed, sources told Youm7.

Earlier March, a teacher of religious education was jailed for four days pending investigations for striking a primary student and cutting a lock of her hair as punishment for not wearing hijab.

The principal of the school, located in Fayoum governorate south west of Cairo, was also suspended.

“He hit me on my fingers. So, it hurt me then, so I cried. Then he cut my hair, and put it on the desk,” Nora, the student, told ON TV.

In 2012, a female teacher in Luxor, Upper Egypt, cut two locks of the hair of two primary students for not wearing hijab. She was investigated and her salary was deducted after her case became high-profile.

Another teacher was referred to investigations March for allegedly “forcing” male students to wear headscarves after they lost to a team of their female counterparts in a competition.

Thursday, Minister of Education Moheb el-Refaie said in statements that any teacher who “would carry a stick at school” should be referred to investigations.

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