Draft clarifies papal elections

CAIRO: A draft of the new regulations for papal elections outlines the procedures governing voter lists and selection of the pope.

The draft, obtained by Youm7, was discussed by congregation members and sent to bishops and archbishops for their comments and suggestions which will be reviewed by another committee in a November session.

The list includes 30 articles about electing a new pope and the criteria necessary for the candidate, such as extensive knowledge of theology and the English Language. Other criteria state that the candidate must be Egyptian, Orthodox, over 40 years old but less than 60 and must not have been married.

The new regulations are also to expand the voter lists to include members of all professional syndicates.

The draft clarified that a committee composed of two of the oldest archbishops or bishops and the secretary of the Sacred Congregation are responsible for announcing the death of the Pope.

The committee will take necessary measures until a new pope is selected and will establish the Supreme Committee for the Selection of the Pope, within 15 days to oversee the process.

The Supreme Committee will consist of 18 members, half of which will be archbishops and bishops, while the other half will be members of the Board of Directors of Coptic Orthodox endowments.

The committee members will determine the date of elections, and date of the sacred ceremonies that are involved in the selection, which should not exceed 12 months from the date of the pope’s death.

Translated from Youm7.

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