Dog killers sentenced to 1-3 months after appeal
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CAIRO: Three men accused of killing a dog were sentenced Monday to between one and three months in jail, after they appealed their initial three-year sentence, Youm7 reported.

An appeal misdemeanor court ruled to sentence two of the defendants were to three months with labor, and another defendant to only one month with labor.

A fourth defendant, Mohamed Sayed, who is the owner of the dog, was sentenced among the others on March 11 in absentia; he is still at large and did not appeal his verdict.

The four defendants are accused of torturing and killing a dog; the acts were captured on video that went viral on social media in late February. Animal rights advocates demanded the perpetrators be brought to court.

The dog’s owner is also charged with armed robbery after he used his dog to terrorize people, upon which he was sentenced to life in absentia on March 4. He allegedly agreed to let the dog be murdered as a settlement against those he had tried to rob.

Footage released showed men after they had leashed the dog to a pole stabbing it to death while a crowd looked on, with many recording the incident in Al-Ahram St. in Shubra el-Kheima of Al-Qalyubiyah governorate.

Investigations into the case showed that Sayed and one of his friends took Max with them with the intent to rob a shop, and that when another man defended the shop owner; Max bit the man in his genitals. Sayed initially stated in a tearful call to a television show that he had been the victim of a fight, and has unleashed his dog to protect himself from a mob.

Additional reporting by Hassan Afifi

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