Air strike near Yemeni refugee camp kills 21, say humanitarian workers
Soldiers and Houthi fighters inspect the damage caused by air strikes - REUTERS

DUBAI: An air strike killed at least 21 people in the vicinity of the Mazraq refugee camp in Houthi-controlled northern Yemen on Monday, humanitarian workers told Reuters.

One official said the strike had hit a truck full of Houthi militiamen at the gate to the camp, killing nine residents, two camp guards and an unknown number of fighters. Another worker put the death toll at 21.

The Houthi-controlled Defense Ministry put the death toll at 40, including women and children. In a statement on its website, it said another 250 people had been wounded.

A Saudi-led coalition is bombing Iranian-allied Houthi militiamen and military units fighting alongside them as they advance south towards the port city of Aden, the last bastion of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Saudi officials were not immediately available for comment.

Al-Mazraq, in the province of Hajja next to the Saudi border, is a cluster of refugee camps home to thousands of Yemenis displaced by over a decade of wars between the Houthis and the Yemeni state, as well as East African migrants.

Over the last five days of Saudi-led bombing, around 750 families have been displaced to the camps from the Houthi heartland region of Saada in the far north. Another air strike in the vicinity on Saturday killed several soldiers, the official added.

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