Egyptian marine workers trapped in Aden call FM for help
Foreign Minister Sameh Shokry - YOUM7

CAIRO: Foreign Minister Sameh Shokry received a phone call during attending The 3rd United Nations International Humanitarian Pledging Conference held in Kuwait from a group of eight Egyptian marine workers allegedly trapped in Aden.

Ministry spokesperson Badr Abdel Atti said Tuesday that Shokry is demanding further information about their situation in order to respond with any needed aid.

One of the eight told Youm7 Sunday that they have been trapped at the Massafy port in Aden since the military operation Resolute Storm led by Saudi Arabia against Shiite Houthi forces in Yemen began March 26.

Marine Engineer Bahaa Desoky Amr said he and his colleagues informed the Egyptian consulate in Aden more than a month ago that they wished to be list on the evacuation list back to Cairo in case any military operation took place in Yemen.

“The conditions in Yemen are not the best for us, if Houthis knew we were here, we wouldn’t survive,” Amr said, demanding the foreign ministry interfere and rescue them, as they have dwindling sources of water and food.

A statement published on the ministry’s website added that the Egyptian government has been negotiating with Saudi Arabia and Oman to facilitate the return of the Egyptians who wish to go back through the border crossing points determined by the two countries, now that most of the flights have been halted.

Omani authorities have been allowing Egyptians using the Shahn land crossing from Yemen.

It was reported that Egyptians were also allowed to use the Saudi Srfeet border crossing, moving to Salalah city in order to travel back to Egypt. Other negations with the Saudi sides are still taking place.

Resolute Storm started March 26 and is expected to last for a “few days” according to Yemeni Foreign Minister Riyadh Yassien, who told Youm7 Friday that the military operation was needed “temporarily” to “support President Hadi’s legitimacy.”

Shiite Houthi forces have controlled much of Yemen’s northern territories since September, and took over the capital of Sanaa in January, forcing U.S. and Saudi-backed President Hadi to resign and placing him under house arrest. Hadi escaped in February to Aden, where he declared he was still the legitimate president, and Aden was the new capital.

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