Saudi Arabia, Oman open borders to receive Egyptians fleeing Yemen
Member of the Saudi border - REUTERS

CAIRO: Saudi Arabia and Oman will open their borders to receive Egyptian nationals fleeing Yemen, according to a Thursday statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The three Saudi border crossings with Yemen are: El-Tawal, El-Wadia and El-Khadraa.

Ministry Spokesperson Badr Abdel Atty said Egyptians who wish to return to the country through land borders should use the Saudi “El-Tawal” border with Yemen.

Oman has also agreed to open two borders crossing with Yemen: Sarfait and Al-Mazyunah, that have already received a number of Egyptian returnees, according to Abdel Atty.

Egypt is coordinating with its “brother countries” to evacuate Egyptians from Aden and El-Hadida via sea and from Sanaa via either private Yemeni flights or other countries’ travel companies, said Abdel Atty in the statement.

The Foreign Ministry previously announced mobile numbers available for Egyptian nationals in Yemen to contact the Ministry’s office in Cairo: 01220463333 and 01220473333.

The Ministry of Manpower announced on March 30 that the number of Egyptian laborers in Yemen is between 6,000 and 7,000.

Flights between Egypt and Yemen were halted after the security situation declined in Yemen, and the beginning of Saudi-led operation Resolute Storm in the country against the Iran-backed Houthis, which took over the capital of Sanaa in January.

Egyptian navy and air forces also participated in the military operation that began last week and is ongoing.

Associated Press reported Thursday quoting Yemeni security officials that Houthi fighters captured the presidential palace in Aden after heavy clashes.

Additional reporting by Amal Raslan

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