Low ranking policeman shot dead in Fayoum
Egyptian security forces - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: A low ranking policeman was shot dead early Friday after three armed assailants opened fire at him near Behmo Village in Fayoum, south west of Cairo.

On his way to work, Ali Roby, a police sergeant was killed when three unidentified assailants on a motor bike shot him dead and escaped, Youm7 reported. Residents of the village heard the sound of fire shots, headed to the crime scene and found Roby lying on ground soaked in blood.

The officer was reported dead before he arrives at the hospital. Police launched hunt for assailants, and the prosecution opened investigations into his killing.

Since the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi in July 3, 2013, Police and army personnel have been targeted in similar attacks, in which hundreds of soldiers were killed.

On Thursday, Youm7 reported that 13 soldiers were killed after an attack targeted three ambushes in Sheikh Zuwayed City in North Sinai. Thursday attacks also left at least three residents dead after missiles fall on their homes.

Violent incidents became part of the daily routine hitting the streets in Egypt, where dozens of public utilities and services, including electric towers, public buses, cell phone operators, power transformers, have been sabotaged.

On Wednesday, an electric tower in Fayoum collapsed after explosive devices planted beneath it detonated. The Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company announced its restoration will cost 1.8 million EGP.

Additional reporting by Rabab el-Galy

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