Ajnad Misr claims responsibility for Cairo bridge bombing
Bomb blast on central Cairo bridge kills at least 1 - YOUM7/Eslam Osama

CAIRO: Ajnad Misr claimed responsibility for killing a policeman and injuring two civilians after a bomb detonated on Cairo’s May 15 Bridge; the militant group said shortly after the Sunday bombing that it was part of a “retribution campaign.”

The prosecution seized a camera installed on the bridge to look for the person who placed the bomb. Some perpetrators of other recent bomb attacks have planted explosive device in the evening and then detonated them in the morning.

Also on Sunday, the police killed an alleged founder of Ajnad Misr, Hammam Ateya, during a raid on his place of residence in Giza, where the police found 18 explosive devices. Four of the bombs were attached to magnets “to be fixed under targeted vehicles.”

Firearms, two computers and 76,800 EGP ($10,000,) and several cell phones often used to detonate bombs remotely were also seized in Ateya’s apartment in the blue-collar district of Tawabek. Ateya was a senior member of Sinai-based Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, but sufficed with collaborating with the group to found Ajnad Misr, according to police spokesperson Hany Abdel Latif.

Ajnad Misr has been designated as a terrorist organization in Egypt and the U.S., and has claimed responsibility for killing dozens in Giza, Cairo and other governorates. On April 1, it released a video titled “the roar of [explosive] devices,” documenting their attacks.

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