Civil association under fire for honoring child murderer’s mother
Zeina, The Child Killed In Port Said - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: A civil association will be investigated over honoring the mother of a killer of a 5-yr-old girl, according to the Ministry of Solidarity on Monday.

“There should be criteria to choose who is to be honored in accordance with the Egyptian family policies,” Khaled Sultan, the head of the Central Department for Associations and Institutions at the Ministry of Solidarity told Youm7.

The “Men Agl Balady” or “For My Country” association came under fire after honoring Loloa, the mother of Mahmoud Kasber, one of the two accused of killing and attempted rape of girl named Zeina in 2013.

Pictures of Loloa holding a certificate appeared on social media and caused an outrage among activists who sympathized with Zeina’s family and criticized the association’s move.

The association strongly apologized to Zeina’s family and said it had not been aware of LoLoa’s identity. Following the media storm, the association announced its withdrawal of the certificate from Loloa.

Metwally Ahmed, the head of the association, told ONTV on Sunday that Loloa was handed “a certificate of thanks” and for her participation and singing in a show for orphans. He added that all the attendees received certificates of appreciation.

In November 2013, Zeina was thrown off a rooftop after two teenage boys tried to rape her. The two murderers; one 16 and the other 17, were sentenced to 15-20 years in prison, the highest punishment allowed to those under 18 years old.

Shaimaa Ghazal, Zeina’ mother, said she was “shocked” when she saw the pictures of Loloa holding a certificate on social media.

Zeina’s mother questioned the reason for honoring a woman “who created a lustful son who killed and destroyed an entire family.”

Ghazal previously called for the execution of the murderers and for legislative amendment to the Child Law in order to permit death penalty for minors, since the law does not allow the application of the death penalty to those who committed crimes under the age of 18.

An appeal to the prison sentences handed to the two murderers was accepted on March 18.

Until the Ministry of Solidarity decides in the incident, the Ministry of Youth and Sport halted any collaboration or renting celebration halls to For My Country.

Additional reporting by Mahmoud Abdel Rady and Medhat Wahba

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