2 officers referred to criminal court for torturing Islamist lawyer to death
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CAIRO: Two police officers accused of torturing and killing lawyer Karim Hamdy inside Matariya police station have been referred to the criminal court, according to a Wednesday statement by Attorney-General Hisham Barakat.

The prosecution charged the policemen, who belong to National Security, after “sufficient evidence” was brought against them. Hamdy was detained after another defendant referred to him as giving him orders to commit violent acts against the police and public properties.

The prosecution did not document any signs of beating on Hamdy when he was first arrested, but he was pronounced dead two days later, Feb. 24, with a forensic report recording torture. The prosecution has accused the policemen, a lieutenant colonel and a major, of beating Hamdy to coerce a confession.

With erratic eyes, Hamdy appeared on social media in a video that was released after his death, which seems to have been recorded by policemen at the station. In the video, he admits to possessing firearms and giving instructions to someone to “protect” Friday pro-Muslim Brotherhood protests from the police. Hamdy appeared healthy, albeit with a scab on the side of his nose.

However, pictures of Hamdy’s bruised dead body also surfaced on social media. The forensic report showed he sustained fractures to the ribs, among other fatal injuries.

The trial of another officer accused of killing activist Shaimaa al-Sabbagh in January will being May 10. A police general and a conscript will also stand trial for providing “misleading information in their testimonies.”

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