379 referred to criminal court for violence during 2013 Nahda sit-in
Dispersal of Nahda sit-in - AFP

CAIRO: A total of 379 alleged members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been referred to the criminal court for being implicated in violence during the dispersal of the Nahda Square Islamist sit-in in 2013, according to a Wednesday statement by Attorney-General Hisham Barakat.

The defendants face 10 charges, including resisting the dispersal, possessing firearms, injuring and attempting to murder 20 people including policemen, killing unidentified victims, and deliberate sabotage.

According to figures documented by the state-funded National Council for Human Rights, 88 were killed at Nahda sit-in in August 2013.

The dispersal of Rabaa al-Adaweya and Nahda sit-ins was followed by violent retaliation by pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters, after the police killed hundreds evacuating the two squares, according to state figures. Independent organizations have estimated that more than 1,000 died in the dispersals.

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