Ajnad Misr replaces slain leader
Egyptian Army in Sinai - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Ajnad Misr has replaced slain leader Hammam Ateya, who was killed during a police raid Sunday, with a new leader codenamed Ezz el-Din el-Masry, according to a Thursday statement by the militant group.

While the police says they detected Ateya’s whereabouts three times, but he fled his location before the raids, was pursued for two years, Ajnad Misr said his death was a “coincidence.”

The group has been designated a terrorist organization in Egypt, the U.S. and some Gulf states, and has claimed that the bombing at Cairo’s May 15 Bridge hours later on Sunday was in retaliation for Ateya’s killing. The explosion killed a policeman and injured two civilians.

Ateya, 33, fought the “crusaders” in Iraq, “zionists” in Sinai, and expanded his activities in Egypt after security “began killing Muslims,” Ajnad Misr said.

The group’s killed leader was responsible for numerous bombings that killed dozens, according to both the police and Ajnad Misr.

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