Women’s rights orgs call for kindergartens at workplace
Lamia Hamdin Carrying Her Son While Interviewing People - Photo Courtesy Of Facebook

CAIRO: A number of women’s rights organizations have called for opening kindergartens at workplaces to help working mothers, after a picture of a reporter carrying her son while conducting an interview went viral Thursday.

The New Woman Foundation (NWF) relaunched a September campaign to obligate those who employ over 50 people to establish a kindergarten or outsource the task to one near the workplace.

“Child care is a communal responsibility. All stakeholders should bear responsibility rather than perpetuate the passive culture that this role is born by women only,” NWF said.

Lamia Hamdin, the ON TV correspondent, told various media she felt was “sad” about accusations that she was unfit for her job, adding that she had to pick up her one-year-old son from nursery since he was sick, and that her work does not require her to appear on camera.

Despite the mild criticism, Hamdin received huge support of many social media users who praised her as “ideal mother” for fulfilling her role as a mom as well as a journalist.

NWF said in its statement that women bear the brunt of the financial, psychological and physical consequences of withholding this constitutional right.

For its part, the state-funded National Council for Women (NCW) called for setting the required policies to facilitate the “mission of women” in integrating the unit of the family and public life.

In a Saturday statement, NCW also called for kindergartens at workplaces, applauding the call Hamdin received from the presidency to commend her commitment to duty.”

Downplaying her action in carrying her son while working, Hamdi said “I was surprised, and I did not see it coming that the presidency would call me… [i]t was surprising because what happened was not a great thing that the presidency calls me about.”


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