Major military reshuffle includes intelligence, navy, Second Field Army  
Minister of Defense General Officer Sedky Sobhy - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: A major reshuffle in the ranks of the Egyptian military was announced Sunday, with the head of the military intelligence, the navy chief and the Second Field Army chief all being replaced.

The new military intelligence chief, General Mohamed al-Shahat, graduated from the department of infantry and was the head of the Second Field Army. He replaced General Salah al-Badry, who was given the title of Assistant to the Minister of Defense.


The movement is “unrelated to any events,” but aims to besiege “extremist groups” in North Sinai, “pump new blood” in the military leadership, and found a new strategy based on intelligence, a military source told Youm7.

Of the most important files that the military intelligence manages is relations with Palestine and its national reconciliation as well as peace talks with Israel.

The new chief of the Second Field Army, General Nasser al-Assi, is a prominent leader of military operations in North Sinai in the past months.


The decree coincides with the killing of six soldiers in North Sinai Sunday, after Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis detonated an explosive device targeting their vehicle.

Former director of the Faculty of the Navy General Osama Rabie, now the navy commander, replaced Field Marshal Osama al-Gendy, who was appointed in the same decree as a deputy for the Suez Canal Authority (SCA.) The deputy post of SCA was newly formed for Gendy to occupy, military sources told youm7.

The Egyptian navy is undergoing operations in the Red Sea as part of Operation Decisive Storm against Yemen’s Houthis.


The reshuffle is only a few weeks removed from another major movement at the Ministry of Interior. After new Minister of Interior Magdy Abdel Ghaffar was appointed in March, he swiftly made a reshuffle in the police by replacing 22 top officials, including the head of the National Security and intelligence.

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