13 alleged MB arrested in south Giza raids

CAIRO: A magnified security crackdown was launched in South Giza cities, in which 13 accused of affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood group were arrested, Youm7 reported Sunday.

The 13 arrested people are accused of allegedly joining marches supportive to the group three Giza cities, including Waraq, Ayat and Saf.

The Brotherhood was designated by the Egyptian government as a terrorist organization in December 2013; since the ruling, many of the group’s leadership have been legally pursued.

Following their designation, members and supporters of the group have been taking to the streets and at universities’ campuses in protests against the current government, which they condemn for ousting President Mohamed Morsi who is facing trials over multiple cases.

Many supporters of the group have been detained over accusations of subsequent violent acts, deaths and damage to public utilities during demonstrations, as well as over other charges, including inciting violence and possession of weapons.

Former Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie and a number of the group’s leading members were listed on March 29 as “terrorists” per a decision by the Attorney General Hisham Barakat, which comes in accordance with a February decree on guidelines to designate terrorist entities.

The law defines a terrorist as “any entity, organization, group, individual, or cell that participates inside or outside Egypt in a terrorist act against the people, environment, antiquities, transportation system, public and governmental entities, judiciary system, or diplomatic or consular staff.”

Additional reporting by Mahmoud Abdel Rady

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