Father turns himself in after being accused of raping daughter
Father who raped daughter for years - Youm7

CAIRO: After a woman detained for an illegal abortion reported last week that her father had impregnated her twice after years of abuse, her father turned himself in to “repent.”

A woman, identified as D.N., 21, went to Minya al-Qamh police station in the Delta governorate of Sharqia April 9 to accuse her father of raping her since she was 10 years old.

“I turned myself in to atone my sins in this life, and because I want my daughter to forgive me. I ruined myself and my only daughter, and there is still my punishment in the afterlife. It is the devil that enticed me,” Youm7 quoted the father, identified as N.A., 45, as telling the prosecution Saturday.

D.N., who is uneducated, claims her father began forcing a sexual relationship with her since she was 10, while he alleges the abuse began when she turned 14, only to become pregnant at 15. She accuses her two uncles, who live close to their brother, of threatening to kill her if she disclosed the abuse.

The young woman was detained for four days pending investigations for aborting her second baby, as abortion is illegal in Egypt, and not reporting the assault after she hit the age of majority. Adulthood begins at 18; however, women can legally marry at the age of 16. Her detention was strongly condemned on social media.

The prosecution, which noted that D.N. “did not resist” her father as an adult, will decide Tuesday whether or not it will renew her detention as a suspect. Further, the prosecution ordered the detention of the private doctor who aborted her pregnancy when she was in her first trimester.

Five years ago, D.N.’s mother left the family home to live with her brother in the same town due to conflicts with the her husband. Around the same time, D.N. became pregnant with her first baby with her father, a construction worker, and delivered at a public hospital.

Oblivious to the sex of the baby, D.N. claims her father and one of her uncles took her newborn and got rid of it at the bank of a sewer in a nearby village.

The father also told the prosecution he abandoned the live baby on his own, and that he does not know whether it is still alive. The prosecution summoned the uncles Friday and released them after interrogation.

D.N.’s three brothers, who are all younger than her, knew about the pregnancy and were “mad” at their father, but after the baby disappeared, they believed the assault would come to an end.

However, N.A. continued to rape his daughter “twice a week,” until she became pregnant again last year. The second time she conceived, he gave her pills that she did not know about, she claims, and was aborted. The father, however, claims he consensually took her to a private clinic for abortion.

The father also claims that in recent years, incestuous relationship was consensual, after she began to request money in return.

Additional reporting by Fathiya el-Deeb

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