BREAKING: 11 sentenced to death in retrial of Port Said massacre
Trial of 51 defendants in Port Said prison case - YOUM7

CAIRO: Eleven defendants were sentenced to death in the trial known as the “Port Said Massacre” Sunday; the case dates back to 2012 when 74 football fans were killed.

The court sent the case files of the 11 defendants to Egypt’s Grand Mufti for his non-binding opinion on their execution. After the sentence is confirmed or commuted May 30 after consulting the Mufti, it can be challenged at the Cassation Court.

It has not been disclosed whether the 11 defendants are in custody or have been sentenced in absentia, which traditionally results in harsher rulings.

The 73 total defendants include nine police chiefs at Port Said security directorate and three officials from Al-Masry Club, which was playing against the Cairean Al-Ahly Club at the time of the deaths.

During the first trial of the same case in March 2013, 21 were sentenced to death, five were sentenced to life, and 19 were sentenced to terms ranging between 15 and one year in prison, including former Port Said security director Abdullah Samak. A total of 28 were found not guilty, but the prosecution appealed their acquittal.

The defendants were charged with a range of crimes, including murder and possessing weapons.

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