Pakistani military delegation arrives in Cairo, holds talks with Hegazi
Minister of Defense Sedqi Sobhi left to Islamabad - Photo courtesy of Military spokesperson

CAIRO: A Pakistani military delegation arrived in Cairo Sunday to hold talks with Egyptian military Chief of Staff Mahmoud Hegazi, Youm 7 reported.

Earlier this month, Minster of Defense Sedqi Sobhi visited Pakistani capital Islamabad, for the purpose of “enhancing military relations” as military spokesperson Mohmed Samir told Youm7.

Both nations are members of an alliance led by Saudi Arabia to curb Houthi fighers in Yemen in a campaign dubbed Operation Decisive Storm, however it remains unclear whether the Pakistani military will participate in the raid especially after the parliament voted against joining. Egyptian military aircraft have bombed Houthi targets since the campaign started three weeks ago.

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif recently said “any threat towards Saudi Arabia would evoke a strong response from Islamabad.”

An estimated 20 percent of Pakistanis are Shiite, according to a 2009 report by the Pew Research center. Iran, a majority Shiite nation, which also shares a large border with Pakistan, has declared the Houthi takeover as a “revolution,” and has called on an end to the military campaign.

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