Foreign Min. warns Egyptians against emigrating to Liberland
Liberland flag - Photo courtesy of Liberland facebook official page

CAIRO: Egyptians should seek information from the Foreign Ministry rather than social media before travelling for work, the ministry’s spokesperson Badr Abdel Atty told CBC Extra Saturday on emigrating to so-called Liberland.

“Many Egyptians and youth are manipulated, and specialized gangs seize their financial entitlements. Hence, caution is advised and we call on Egyptian citizens and youth who travel abroad to draw their information from one source, that is the consulate sector of the Foreign Ministry,” Abdel Atty said, warning against falling victims to “fraud.”

“I never heard of [Liberland.] I just heard it from you now,” Abdel Atty told CBC’s anchor. He added that the establishment of a state takes a lot of procedures and international recognition.

A Czech man “established” a new European state, which he dubbed Liberland, on disputed 17 square kilometers between Serbia and Croatia April 13. Liberland has a flag and a national anthem, and the constitution is being drafted, according to its “founder and president” Vit Jedlicka.

Egyptians on social media have taken an interest in emigrating to the “youngest European state,” with the hashtag of its Arabic name, #ليبرلاند, used in over 6,700 tweets, and only 2,500 with its English hashtag.

Some Egyptian social media users, however, were pessimistic, as they wrote that Liberland will probably deny them the visa, although Liberland’s website states that only communists, Nazis, extremists and people with a criminal past would not be accepted as citizens in the fledgling state.

The tweets also included jokes on Egyptians will flock to Liberland just to find more Egyptians, and also how it will have all the things they say they miss in Egypt, such as fast internet.

On April 17, Liberland’s Facebook page announced it received 60,000 registrations from 244 countries. Liberland’s website also calls for donations to support the new state.

Last year, a U.S. man also “established” a new state in Africa. He founded the “Kingdom of North Sudan” on Bir Tawil, an 800-square mile land between Egypt and Sudan that is unclaimed by either of the two countries.

Jeremiah Heaton said he created the state so his young daughter, Emily, could become a princess.


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  1. Prince Ogidius
    April 21, 2015 at 2:32 am

    This territory was already claimed by the sovereign state of Paraduin on March 5. The illegal Liberland flag has been removed.

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