Air strike on missile base in Yemen capital causes huge explosion -residents
An arms depot explodes at the Jabal Hadeed military compound in Yemen's southern port city of Aden March 28, 2015. Explosions rocked Aden's largest arms depot on Saturday, sending flames and smoke into the sky above the southern Yemeni city, witnesses said. A Reuters correspondent saw fire and explosions at the Jabal Hadeed compound, which is close to residential and commercial properties. There was no immediate word of casualties. REUTERS/Nabeel Quaiti TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

SANAA: An air strike on a Scud missile base in the Yemeni capital Sanaacaused a massive explosion that blew out windows in houses, residents said, adding that it was the largest explosion in more than three weeks of bombing.

There was no immediate word of casualties from the blast, which sent a thick pillar of smoke into the air.

Saudi Arabia has led an alliance of Sunni Arab countries in air strikes against the Iran-alliedShi’ite Houthi rebel group in Yemen.

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