3.7M light posts to use high-pressure searchlights in 28 months
Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker - YOUM7

CAIRO: Some 3.7 million light poles using high-pressure searchlights instead of regular lamps to decrease energy consumption will be installed on Egypt’s roads, Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker told Youm7 Saturday.

The project, scheduled to launch in May and last for 28 months, will be carried out cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrialization, the Ministry of Local Development and the Ministry of Finance.

The project will save about 250 megawatts daily at peak times, according to Shaker, who also said the project would fix light posts that light up during the day.

Egypt’s energy crisis has been the focus of the government’s economic plans; an overloaded grid often results in daily power cuts in the summer. A number of energy-related projects were signed in the March Egypt Economic Development Conference.

Most recently, Egypt signed two memoranda of understanding with Kuwait’s Alghanim International to upgrade four gas-powered plants to operate on a combined cycle to add 980 megawatts and build another plant with a capacity of 900 megawatts in Alexandria.

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