Sadat metro station to open in 3 weeks: official says
Cairo metro station - YOUM7/Hassan Mohamed

CAIRO: The Sadat metro station, which lies under the iconic Tahrir Square, will finally reopen after being closed for almost two years, Head of the Egyptian Co. for Metro Management and Operation Ali Fadaly said Saturday.

“Preparations are in full swing to complete the installation of a new integrated security system within the station for its reopening within three weeks. Automated gates and surveillance cameras are being installed at the entrances and the exits of the station to detect any potential acts of sabotage,” Fadaly told the state-run Al-Ahram.

The station was closed following the deadly dispersal of pro-Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins at Rabaa al-Adaweya and Al-Nahda in August 2013; two months after the military backed-ouster of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi.

Interior Ministry said the station was closed for “security reasons,” possibly to prevent Muslim Brotherhood supporters from reaching the square.

The Sadat and Al-Shohada metro stations were the only two with transfers between Cairo’s two main metro lines. Following the closure of the Sadat station, complaints of extreme overcrowding and sexual harassment in Al-Shouhada station have been on the rise.

According to the State Information Service (SIS), approximately 3.5 million people use Cairo’s metro on a daily basis.

In January, the State Commissioner’s Authority recommended obliging the government to reopen the station saying that “there were no realistic or legal justifications for its continued closure.”

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