Airport customs foil attempt to smuggle 900 medical kits
Seized surgery kit at Cairo International Airport - YOUM7

CAIRO: Customs authorities at the Cairo International Airport foiled an attempt by a doctor to evade customs payment on 900 pieces of cardiothoracic surgery kits in his bags, Youm7 reported Friday.

The cardiologist returned from the United States after three days from his travel, a source at the airport customs said.

Legal procedures were taken against the doctor after he tried to smuggle 900 medical kits that worth a 500,000 EGP ($65,000,) General Manager of Customs Nagy Abdel el-Sadeq told Youm7.

Seized surgery kit at Cairo International Airport – YOUM7


On the same day, the postal service customs stopped the smuggling of spying devices including headphones hidden inside a package coming from Hong Kong.

Seized spying devices at Cairo Airport – Youm7


In another incident, two passengers were arrested for attempting to smuggle $66,000 inside their socks while traveling to Turkey, in violation to the law of foreign exchange transmission. The amount of money was confiscated and the two passengers, whose nationality was not announced, were referred to investigations.

On Thursday, customs also stopped the smuggling of 1,531 packs of medicines for chronic diseases with an Egyptian passenger coming from Istanbul.

Additional reporting by Mahmoud Abdel Ghany and Mohamed Tantawy

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